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Children Photo Guidelines

Parents and Guardians,

Listed below are the guidelines we need you to specifically follow in order for us to get the photographs and materials we need to market your child. It is very important that you follow these instructions as closely as possible (please see photo samples below) to ensure that your child’s photos are of the optimum quality – since it is often these pictures which determine whether The Talent Group can represent your child and whether your child books a photo or commercial shoot, or is considered for a film or television role.

  1. You must send us via email (to either or or post mail 2 separate looks and/or poses of your child/children. In order to select the best 2 shots to send us, please take a large selection of shots and choose the best close-up shot (approximately waist or chest up)and the best full length or 3/4 body shot (approximately from knee or ankle up).
  2. Pictures must be of your child only. No busy backgrounds, pets or additional people must appear in the photographs.
  3. Wardrobe must be bright, solid colors or patterns that are not too busy. Please, no make-up or costumes, no bathing suit or bathtub photographs.
  4. Included and/or attached with the email or photograph submissions, the following information must be listed:

Below you will find samples of the optimum style photos that we need to submit your child and samples of photos that are unacceptable.